Hakuna Matata

I come back to watch these videos every time I feel uneasy, anxious or upset about certain trivial life events…

Hakuna Matata

This list of videos provides me just right amount of nihilism, reminding me that life is ultimately meaningless in the first place. I always find myself at peace and being able to function after watching them. I am able to remember my temporary first priority of life: to fulfill my curiosity.

This is my Hakuna Matata, or Hasa Diga Eebowai if you like :)

Video List

Visiting Chernobyl Made Me Think Strange Thoughts…

Optimistic Nihilism

Carl Sagan - Pale Blue Dot

Timelapse of the Entire Universe

Apocalyptic Love Song (For Hitchens)

Let’s go to the good ‘ol days when my favorite metaphor wasn’t kidnapped…
Blue Pill or Red Pill

Carl Sagan - A Way of Thinking

Richard Dawkins - “What if you’re wrong?”

And a mild dessert…
Life is NOT a Journey